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About us

After living in Belgium for more than 20 years we moved to Rainer's
hometown at the lovely alpine foothills of the Bavarian Ostallgäu
mainly because of professionell reasons.

In the newly built semi-detached houses our family lives at one side
and our Granddaddy Danner on the other side.

On the first floor we implemented a cosy holiday appartment with all the luxury
you'd expect for a short or even a longer stay.

We want to create a second home for everybody who is travelling and does not
particulary want to stay in a hotel therefore.

You're very welcome! Herzlich Willkommen!
Your familiy Danner-Vandewalle

Rainer, Christelle, Pascaline, Maxime und Liam


Casa Tilia

Casa Tilia - holiday apartment / guest rooms

Blütenweg 24a

86807 Buchloe-Lindenberg


Mobile: +49 (0) 173 / 456 54 54




We have 5 guests and no members online